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Angra - "War Horns" (live video)

Angra - "ØMNI" (album)
And I stood upon the sand of the sea
And saw a beast rise up out of the sea
Having seven heads and ten horns
And upon his horns ten crowns
And upon his heads the name of blasphemy

Trumpets cry warnings from Heaven
The Virgin dressed with the Sun
With the Moon on her feet
On her head, a garland of twelve stars
Being with child, she cries
For the birth of a king

War horns, the sign of the times
Break through the silent cries

Petrified, I’m facing the rapture
Choking on tears, the prophecy fulfills
The angels arise announcing the gathering
The wages of sin are for all who live to see

War horns, the sign of the times
Break through the silent cries
Visions from prophets unveiled
All burns in the lake of fire

Fire will be raining from the sky
The Sun will be darkened
The Moon will not give its light
The stars will fall
And the powers of Heaven are shaken
That’s when the Son of Man
Will arise in the clouds

War horns, the sign of the times
Break through our silent cries
Visions of prophets unveiled
All burns in the lake of fire

Παρακολουθήστε το βίντεο των Angra με την "ζωντανή" απόδοση του τραγουδιού "War Horns", το οποίο προέρχεται από τον πλέον πρόσφατο δίσκο των Βραζιλιάνων metallers, "ØMNI", που κυκλοφόρησε προ τριετίας...

Band: Angra
Country of origin: Brazil
Location: São Paulo, São Paulo
Formed in: 1991
Genre: Power / Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes: Religion, Personal thoughts, Conceits, War, Life
Years active: 1991-2007, 2009-present

Video: "War Horns"
Director: Drico Mello (Bros.Co filmes)
Audio and Video Synchronization: Paulo Soares
Colorization and Editing: Paulo Soares
Produced by: Angra and João Milliet
Mixed and mastered by: João Milliet
Live Recording Engineers: João Milliet, Eduardo Avellar, Isaias Rosa
Live Recording Studio: R3 Studio
Live Recording Assistants: Matheus Pinheiro, Dave Tavares
Lighting: Alberto Nogueira
Background Video Projection: Paulo Augusto Matrangulo
Tour Manager: Eduardo Pitu
F.O.H: Alexandre Russo
Drum Tech: Gabriel Hatoun
Guitar Tech: Bruno Gobi
Guitar Tech: Dante Rozalini
Stage Sound: Emiliano Brecacin
Press: Damaris Hoffmann
Production Assistant Top Link Music: Marcele Faret
Production Assistant Top Link Music: Clovis Roman
Stage Manager: Rogério Pinheiro
Executive Production: Paulo Barón

Band members:
Fabio Lione - Vocals
Rafael Bittencourt - Guitars
Marcelo Barbosa - Guitars
Felipe Andreoli - Bass
Bruno Valverde - Drums



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