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Marta Gabriel - "Count Your Blessings" (Malteze cover)

Ο δίσκος της Marta Gabriel "Metal Queens"
Looking at the danger,
Looking face to face.
Your friends are strangers,
Caught up in the race.

Your money ain't no good,
Got nothing left to sell.
Hands of Fate, closed the gate
To your wishing well.

Count Your Blessings.
Count Your Blessings.
Watch the mirror as it falls,
Seven years of bad luck is on.

You're hearing voices,
You're back against the wall.
You've got two choices...
Make a move or take a fall.

Fingers start twitching,
Mind can't concentrate.
Step on back, can't attack,
Think about what's at stake

Count Your Blessings.
Count Your Blessings.
Watch the mirror as it falls,
Seven years of bad luck is on.

Gunpowder flashes,
White rock burns.
Cut loose those stashes,
Some people never learn.
Aim the gun at the mirror,
'Cause the mirror never lies.
Not a pretty picture,
But it's to late to realize...

Aim the gun at the mirror,
'Cause the mirror never lies.
Aim the gun...

Count Your Blessings.
Count Your Blessings.

Δεύτερο δισκογραφικό "χτύπημα" από την Marta Gabriel μέσα στο 2021. Μετά το album των Crystal Viper "The Cult" που κυκλοφόρησε στα τέλη Ιανουαρίου η Πολωνέζα τραγουδίστρια - μουσικός θα κυκλοφορήσει και τον πρώτο προσωπικό της δίσκο.

Πρόκειται για album διασκευών υπό τον τίτλο "Metal Queens" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να "βγει" στην καρδιά του καλοκαιριού. Μαζί της μία "παρέα" εκλεκτών καλεσμένων όπως ο (τιτάνας) Harry Conklin, ο Todd Michael Hall και ο John Gallagher...

Marta Gabriel: «Crystal Viper front woman Marta Gabriel announced the release of "Metal Queens" - debut solo album, which is a collection of cover songs, and a tribute to the female heavy metal and hard rock singers of the '80s.

"It's a celebration and tribute to some of my favorite female vocalists, and a solid piece of heavy metal that fans might enjoy even if they don't know original versions of those songs", says Gabriel. "It's not a random collection of covers - we made sure that it sounds like one big piece, like a real album, and it has this taking-no-prisoners attitude", she adds.

The album features Marta Gabriel on vocals and bass guitar, Eric Juris from Crystal Viper on guitars, and Cederick Forsberg from Crystal Viper and Blazon Stone on drums.

Except that she invited three special guests: we will hear the Jag Panzer and Titan Force singer Harry Conklin in the Chastain cover "Light In The Dark", Riot V singer Todd Michael Hall in the BlackLace cover "Call Of The Wild", while the Raven bassist John Gallagher plays bass in the remake of the Rock Goddess classic, "My Angel".

Marta Gabriel is a founder and front woman of the heavy metal act Crystal Viper, with whom she just released new, eight studio album, "The Cult", on Listenable Records. She’s also a seasoned session musician, and performed with acts such as Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Manilla Road, Vader, Majesty and Witch Cross. "Metal Queens" will be released on Listenable Records on July 16, 2021 in Europe and July 30 in North America and will be available as vinyl LP, CD and digital download.»

Artist / Band: Marta Gabriel
Video: "Count Your Blessings"
Album: "Metal Queens"
Type: Full length
Release date: July 16th, 2021 (Europe)
Release date: July 30th, 2021 (North America)
Label: Listenable Records
Format: CD, LP, Digital

Track listing:
01. Max Overload (Acid)
02. Metal Queen (Lee Aaron)
03. Call Of The Wild (Blacklace)
04. Light In The Dark (Chastain)
05. Rebel Ladies (Zed Yago)
06. My Angel (Rock Goddess)
07. Count Your Blessings (Malteze)
08. Goin' Wild (Wendy O' Williams)
09. Bad Attitude (Hellion)
10. Reencarnacion (Santa)
11. Mr. Gold (Warlock) CD bonus track

Band members:
Marta Gabriel - Vocals, Bass
Eric Juris - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Cederick Forsberg - Drums



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