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Burning Point - "Arsonist Of The Soul" (lyric video)

Ο δίσκος των Burning Point - "Arsonist of the Soul"
Dearly beloved we are here
We've gathered to witness
The death and the birth
I am the one who's sincere

Misguided and lied
Was it all worth
Unhealthy situation
Must come to an end
We need salvation to erase
All this hurt from the
Arsonist of the soul

By the power vested in me
I declare you departed and gone
Wounds of the years
They will bleed

Taste of my blood and I am reborn
Unhealthy situation
Must come to an end
We need salvation to erase
All this hurt from the
Arsonist of the soul

In search of flawless union you'll stumble on the roots of evil
They try to take break and take you to the depths of hell you don't belong

Δισκογραφική επιστροφή των Burning Point μετά από μία πενταετία. Ο διάδοχος του album "The Blaze" (Νοέμβριος 2016) και όγδοος συνολικά "ολοκληρωμένος" δίσκος των Φινλανδών metallers τιτλοφορείται "Arsonist of the Soul" κι έχει προγραμματισθεί να κυκλοφορήσει στην "καρδιά" του φθινοπώρου...

Δελτίο τύπου: «The 8th album from Burning Point now available on vinyl and as jewelcase! The Finnish power metal band Burning Point had its share of line-up changes throughout their more than two decades of existence.

The main constant though, mastermind/guitarist/songwriter Pete Ahonen, always kept the ship on route and his clear vision and artistic integrity made Burning Point one of the most reliable purveyors of excellent classic (European) power metal.

After handling the vocals on his own from the band’s foundation up until the arrival of Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast) in 2015, Ahonen and Burning Point return with new voice on the band’s new album „Arsonist Of The Soul“: Luca Sturniolo. Replacing Valo now, Sturniolo turns out to be quite a discovery.

He was born in Italy but lives in Finland since many years. His powerful, varied voice is a perfect match for Ahonen’s fiery fretwork and strong, experienced songwriting. Besides Ahonen, Sturniolo and Pekka Kolivuori, now Jarkko Poussu (bass, ex-member of Finnish thrash pioneers A.R.G.), Tuomas Jaatinen (drums) and Matti Halonen (Keyboards) have joined the band’s line-up.

I am extremely happy about the new line-up and the new record. All the guys are very, very talented and excited!“, Ahonen comments.

A little heavier than on their latest album, 2016’s „The Blaze“, Burning Point’s characteristic melodies and sounds are again present all over on this new release. Songs such as the great title track, the first single „Blast In The Past“ and numerous others quickly prove to be among the best compositions ever penned by Ahonen.

„Arsonist Of The Soul“ is another pleasant throwback to early 2000’s power metal sound, but with up-to-date production - something that Burning Point are known for. With this new piece of work they definitely raise the bar once more.»

Band: Burning Point
Country of origin: Finland
Location: Oulu, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa
Formed in: 1999
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Lyrical themes: Fantasy, Purgatory
Years active: 1997-1999 (as Planet Caravan), 1999-present

Lyric video: "Arsonist Of The Soul"
Music / Lyrics by: Pete Ahonen
Produced by: Juanne Huotari
Mixed by: Juanne Huotari, Henrik Arvola
Mastered by: Juanne Huotari
Video by: Hard Media

Album: "Arsonist of the Soul"
Type: Full length
Release date: October 22nd, 2021
Label: AFM Records
Format: CD, 12" vinyl

Track listing:
01. Blast in the Past
02. Rules the Universe
03. Out of Control (Savage Animals)
04. Persona Non Grata
05. Arsonist of the Soul
06. Hit the Night
07. Running in the Darkness
08. Calling
09. Off the Radar
10. Fire with Fire
11. Will I Rise with the Sun
12. Eternal Life



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