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MC Roads - "Call It What You Want" (audio)

Το ep των MC Roads "No Nostalgia"
Ο Mike Cross ήταν εκ των ιδρυτών του Αμερικάνικου hard rock σχήματος Loudhouse το μακρινό 1989. Μετά από ένα LP και τρία singles οι Loudhouse διαλύθηκαν και από τις "στάχτες" τους γεννήθηκαν το 1992 οι Sponge (με τον Mike Cross παρόντα).

Το 2000 αποχώρησε από την μπάντα (η οποία διαλύθηκε τότε κι επανήλθε έναν χρόνο αργότερα συνεχίζοντας μέχρι τις ημέρες μας) κι αποσύρθηκε (προσωρινά) από την μουσική βιομηχανία.

Πλέον επανήλθε και δημιούργησε νέο σχήμα, τους MC Roads, οι οποίοι απευθύνονται στους φίλους του κλασικού rock / hard rock. Το ντεμπούτο τους είναι ep. Τιτλοφορείται "No Nostalgia", αποτελείται από πέντε τραγούδια και θα κυκλοφορήσει τον επόμενο μήνα...

Δελτίο τύπου: «MC Roads releases new EP No Nostalgia on 10th September on Golden Robot Records. Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Mike Cross is the original founding guitarist for American rock act Sponge.

Now, Cross is the lead vocalist and guitarist for his new band MC Roads, who recently signed to Golden Robot Records. MC Roads offers up a powerful blend of melodic, guitar-driven music and classic style songs. Originally recorded on 2-inch master tape, MC Roads' debut effort No Nostalgia on Golden Robot Records is a collection of classic style songs with a modern twist. 

With colourful lyrics and intense guitar-driven arrangements, these five songs weave a story that may at times feel a bit nostalgic, but then again, not. For the listener, what is laid out here is the heart and soul of its author. To be continued.»

About MC Roads: «MC Roads' own Mike Cross was co-writer for Sponge’s platinum selling album Rotting Piñata, sophomore album Wax Ecstatic and third release New Pop Sunday. He helped catapult Sponge into rock star status with his catchy hooks, iconic crunchy guitar and an undeniable original sound.

The band toured extensively, headlining shows in the US and in Europe supporting “A” list artists such as Alice In Chains, KISS and Soundgarden. Mike also appeared on the late night talk show circuit including The Late Show with David Letterman, The Conan O’Brien Show and the Jon Stewart Show.

After his departure from the band due to creative and business differences, Cross turned away from music business to focus on his personal life. However he continued to write, record and produce various music projects and develop his own vocal abilities.

The debut effort from MC Roads, entitled No Nostalgia, has already received rave reviews with its originality and Detroit rock grit, and is slated for a worldwide release in the Spring of 2021.No Nostalgia was produced by Mike Cross and recorded on 2 inch master tape, and was mixed by Chuck Alkazian, (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) at the legendary Pearl Sound Studios.»

Band: MC Roads
Country of origin: United States
Location: Detroit Michigan
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock

Audio: "Call It What You Want"
Album: "No Nostalgia"
Type: EP
Release date: September 10th, 2021
Label: Golden Robot Records

Tracklisting (+ track by track)

1. Smile Like A Knife: Intense musical hooks throughout this song about betrayal and greed. "Bleed the kindness and the trust of a good friend." Could this song be the ‘You're So Vain’ of rock music?

2. Stoned In Love: "She's heading down from the valley. He's on his way to Nevada." A fast-moving love story that takes a deadly wrong turn! 

3. My Insane Friend: Colourful words, dark, mysterious melody and a truly unforgettable chorus describes this song about a person who sees the world from a different place. 

4. Call it What You Want: Nostalgic guitars starting off this tense story with a modern twist. Who throws dirt on who in this shallow grave? "Call it what you want, but it's not love."

5. Silence And Time: A powerful guitar driven arrangement told from a subjective view about the dark side of human nature. The hopeful chorus lyric is written like a question: "Is there mercy in the silence, grace from pain and suffering or acceptance of the dark side of our nature?"



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