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The Raven Age - "As the World Stood Still" (lyric video)

Ο δίσκος των The Raven Age "Exile"
I’m so sick of this repenting
For the sins that I’ve made
Thinking of an afterlife
Counting down the days ‘til I die
Or have I made another mistake
As mankind’s creation
We suffer ‘til we’re saved

Can you save me now
I’m falling in deeper
Given one way out
There’s nowhere to run

I’m worrying I’m worrying
This time I’ll never heal
I’m worrying I’m worrying
This world’s standing still
And I’m on my own with
The days merging as one
And I’m on my own this time
This time I’ll never heal

Wash away the fear that
I can’t seem to get out my mind
Everyday another fight
I’m in the dark I’m begging for light
As time goes on I feel more afraid
Another reminder I cannot change this fate

Everything that I have done
I’ve done for us and now
I’m suffering and paying for it
Rotting this torment
I can’t seem to get away
Everything that I have done
I’ve done for us and now
I’m suffering and paying for it
Hoping to God in this life there’s another way

Νέος δίσκος, αλλά χωρίς ουσιαστικά νέο υλικό, για τους The Raven Age. Οι Βρετανοί melodic metallers θα κυκλοφορήσουν το φθινόπωρο το album "Exile", το οποίο θα περιλαμβάνει δύο νέα τραγούδια, πέντε διαφορετικές εκτελέσεις παλαιότερων κομματιών τους και τέσσερα "ζωντανά" ηχογραφημένα.

Οι The Raven Age μας έρχονται από το Λονδίνο. Δημιουργήθηκαν πριν από δώδεκα έτη κι έχουν κυκλοφορήσει δύο "ολοκληρωμένους" δίσκους ένα ep και μπόλικα singles. Κιθαρίστας της μπάντας είναι ο γιος του Steve Harris (των Iron Maiden), George Harris...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Our new release containing 2 BRAND NEW songs, 5 alternate versions of current songs and 4 live tracks from our North / South America tour in 2019 is out on the 17th September! The vinyl version will release on the 26th November and there will be a limited amount so make sure you pre-order to avoid disappointment!

Before we complete and release album 3 (which is well underway) we wanted to do what we could in between lockdowns and make something for all of you that have stuck with us during the time we’ve been unable to tour and release new music. There has been a lot going on behind the scenes and there’s so much more to come on top of this release so keep your eyes on our social media channels and don’t miss out!»

Band: The Raven Age
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Location: London, England
Formed in: 2009
Genre: Melodic Metal
Years active: 2009-present

Lyric video: "As the World Stood Still"
Track mixed by: Matt Hyde
Track mastered by: Matt Hyde

Album: "Exile"
Type: Full length
Release date: September 17th, 2021 (CD, Digital)
Release date: November 26th, 2021 (Vinyl)



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