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Bentrees - "Yellow" (audio)

Ο δίσκος των Bentrees "Two Of Swords"
Οι Bentrees μας έρχονται από την Σαρδηνία. Heavy Psych And Power Stoner Duo (δικός τους ο ορισμός), το οποίο μας παρουσιάζεται κάπως έτσι:

«The band’s sound is a vibrant mix of fuzzy power blues and hard rock influences, drawing from the 70's wrapped in the glory of 90's and early 2000’s stoner rock; wild ride of heavy riffage into psychedelic wonderlands.»

Προ τετραετίας (Φεβρουάριος 2017) κυκλοφόρησε το ντεμπούτο των Bentrees υπό τον τίτλο "Psychollage" με τον διάδοχό του να είναι προ των πυλών. Φέρει τον (επικό) τίτλο "Two Of Swords" κι αναμένεται τον τελευταίο φθινοπωρινό μήνα...

Δελτίο τύπου: «Sardinia - based heavy psych and power stoner rockers, Bentrees, have revealed the first details about their upcoming, sophomore album, entitled Two Of Swords! The record will be out on November 19, 2021 through Argonauta Records.

The Italian duo plays a vibrant mix of fuzzy blues and hard rock influences, drawing from the 70's wrapped in the glory of 90's and early 2000’s stoner rock.

With an addictive and heavy riffage, introspective lyrics, references to their homeland and the connection with nature - shrouded in a powerful psych rock sound - ever since their formation the band has created its very own, authentic formula.

Following the band's 2017 - debut, Psychollage, and countless live shows with acts such as Yawning Man, Black Rainbows, The Cosmic Dead, The Spacelords and Pater Nembrot to name just a few, Bentrees are finally gearing up for the release of Two Of Swords.

Today, they have shared a first track taken from their new album! "Finally the time has come to give you a first taste of our new album “Two Of Swords”. We have been waiting for the album release for a long time, but being able to reveal more concrete details and let you hear a first track of the album is a great joy!" The band comments.

"Two Of Swords” is made of six heavy rock tracks; it tells about duality in its multiple forms and it opens up some new musical paths for us. On this sonic journey, heavy riffs and pounding drums meet psychedelic landscapes, each song tells a story that somehow has ambivalent contours.

We believe that “Yellow”, the song we choose as the first single, represents a good part of the essence of the album and we can’t wait to get your first feedback. Have a good listening!
" Two Of Swords will be released as Vinyl, CD and Digital formats on November 19th through Argonauta Records.»

Band: Bentrees
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Sardinia
Genre: Heavy Rock

Audio: "Yellow"
Album: "Two Of Swords"
Type: Full length
Release date: November 19th, 2021
Label: Argonauta Records
Format: Vinyl, CD, Digital

Track listing:
01. Sunrise and Sunset
02. Yellow
03. Hermit
04. Brain War
05. Flowing Waters
06. Dust 'n' Gold



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