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Diviner - Heaven Falls [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Official music video for "Heaven Falls", taken from the new Diviner album "Realms of Time". Order "Realms of Time" here: Ulterium Store: iTunes: Amazon US: Amazon DE: Amazon UK: HMV Japan: CDON: "Realms of Time" is also available on all digital outlets. Video directed by JoHn Nikolopoulos Special thanks to Nick Brack for all his help and support. Diviner - Heaven Falls I came through fire and water Climbed to the mountain’s top Ages in darkness, passed alone Across the seas I’ve wandered And travelled on my own To find the secrets of the world With bad signs all around me I stood against the odds To fight my demons and to praise my gods Hell or heaven falls? Damnation, damnation Where’s the right or wrong? The way to salvation Hell or heaven falls? Damnation, damnation Where do I belong? To trace my path and follow on I fell into the ocean Of lifetime’s raging waves Been lost in dungeons, left in caves I thought I would surrender To winds, to storm and rain Carried away to my domain Diviner online Facebook: Ulterium Records online Website: Facebook:


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