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When IRON MAIDEN wrote lyrics about the war in Crimea…


"The bugle sounds, the charge begins
But on this battlefield, no one wins!"


One of the most famous and well-sung epics of  IRON MAIDEN  comes to the fore after the developments on the Russia-Ukraine front.

The lyrics of  Iron Maiden , like many other bands, are often inspired by great historical events.

Recent developments on the Russia-Ukraine front remind us of one of the most famous and well-sung epics of IRON MAIDEN, and this is none other than the track "The Trooper"!


"The Soldier", featured on the 1983 album ' Piece Of Mind ', is an ode to the famous British Army Light Brigade, which, led by Lord Cardigan, clashed with the Russian army at the Battle of Balaclava in October 1854. in the Crimean War.

A vague order and personal feuds among the officers led to the death of hundreds of soldiers in a battle as part of the siege of Sevastopol, the outcome of which was ambiguous and virtually unbeaten.

The self-sacrifice of the British in 1854 inspired the poet Alfred Tennyson to write the poem " The Light Brigade " and 129 years after Iron Maiden to write the song that is almost never absent from the band's live performances and during which Bruce Dickinson flies either the British flag or the flags of the states in which they sometimes appear. As he has explained, the song praises the ordinary soldiers of the working class and the heroism they showed during the Crimean War!


Of course, its message is timeless, anti-war, and as history goes in circles, the news comes to confirm it!


Charge of the light cavalry brigade 25th Oct. 1854 under Major General the Earl of Cardigan

William_Simpson - Representation of the Anglo-Russian battle during the Crimean War.


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