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AI Generated Metal Forces Nik Nocturnal Into an Existential Crisis


If there’s anything that science fiction has taught us over the years, it’s that we’re not supposed to fuck with artificial intelligence. People suck and once we have robots doing everything for us, do you think Karens are going to stop being shitty to the help? No! They’re gonna push those metallic, undying machines to the brink and we’re all gonna die.

But that’s beside the point. For the time being, it’s probably only musicians that need to feel a bit worried about the onset of AI. At least that’s what YouTuber and musician Nik Nocturnal realized last week when he began looking into YouTube channels that streamed AI generated metal.

Though the first few examples, which featured mathcore or tech death clips proved to be laughable at best, it wasn’t until he found one AI channel working on Djent-style music that Nocturnal began to see the writing on the wall. And that writing says “Ohhhh, we’re all fucked.”

After more than 2,700 songs generated and streamed, the music that was coming out of the algorithm sounded like modern metal and djent, complete with harmonies at times. This caused the YouTuber to have a bit of a visceral reaction.

“The other ones were kind of funny, this one is actually fucking insane if this is real…Motherfucker created AI djent and it actually sounds good. Again, because some of you guys might be listening and saying ‘this doesn’t sound great’ – sure. But ya’ll saying that don’t understand the precedent that this sets. This is just the start and it only gets better from here. This isn’t a thing yet – it’s just one dude who made this. I didn’t expect it to be this good.”

Yeah. Watching the clip below is kinda creepy how accurate some parts of “Song #2701” sound compared to modern metal and djent. AI may not be able to mimic the virtuosity of thrash or the epicness of power metal, but there are some aspects of our world that may just end up being run by computers some day – and that’s terrifying.

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