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Remember That Heavy Nickelback Clip? Here’s the Rest of the Song

Hey remember earlier in the summer when we joked about how Nickelback posted three seconds of a song that sounded like metalcore? Well that song’s out. It’s called “San Quentin” and honestly… it’s kinda got a heaviness through it? For a Nickelback song? Sorta?

Is the melody going to blow you away? Nope. Are the lyrics gouda level cheese? Yep. Does this sound like it should be playing before an episode of WWE Raw? Sure. Will this song make absolute fucking bank as it makes its way across the airwaves like an airborne pathogen infecting soccer moms and beer swilling dads all over the country trying to reconnect to their “rocker” youths and remain relevant to their kids? Abso-fucking-lutely.

And really that’s all that matters in the end for the band. They know how to write a catchy song that stays on the top of the charts for weeks and weeks at a time. Talk shit about Chad Kroeger all you want. Make jokes about his graaaaapppphhhh or photoshop stupid shit on a music video screencap. They’re laughing all the way to the bank and playing sold out arenas while most of us jackasses are left dragging our withered husks of human life from the house to work and back only to repeat the process ad nauseum until we gracelessly shuffle off this mortal coil.

Still, if you can deal with the reality of post-pandemic, pre-water wars life at that point, you can at least stomach Nickelback for three and a half minutes to see what all the fuss was about. Even if you hate it, your single YouTube view won’t matter in their overall campaign of pop culture and rock radio dominance.

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