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Skid Row’s Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo on Possible Sebastian Bach Return: “He Wasn’t Even a Part of Our Thought Process”


After glam kingpins Skid Row‘s initial success with singer Sebastian Bach, who left Skid Row following 1995’s Subhuman Race, the band struggled to regain a foothold with a new vocalist. Late singer Johnny Solinger served from 1999 to 2015, replaced briefly by Tony Harnell, who was replaced by former Dragonforce singer ZP Theart from 2016-2022.

Theart left the band earlier this year, apparently on good terms according to guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo in an interview with Classic Rock.

“We did three or four songs with ZP before realizing we needed to make a change. He’s a great singer and a really good guy, and there’s no animosity, but we were going in opposite directions.”

For their new album, cheekily-titled The Gang’s All Here, Skid Row recruited vocalist Erik Grönwall. Their first single, “Tear It Down,” was released in July. When asked by the interviewer if the possibility of a Sebastian Bach return was considered, Sabo said it didn’t even cross Skid Row’s collective mind.

“No. And you’re not the first person to ask that. But he wasn’t even a part of our thought process. For quite a long time we’ve been beyond that.”

“We’re really steadfast that this is where we’re at. We’re more focused on moving forward with Erik – or it might have been someone else – than looking back.”

Sabo’s comments are similar to those he made last month stating that Skid Row’s focus is firmly on the future.

“The only thing that I can have any sort of part of or control over is the right now, and it’s the band that it is now. And we have a new record coming out, The Gang’s All Here. And I think we’ve made some really, really great music. I hope people feel the same way.

“We’re really proud of where we’re at right now. We’re really proud of the way we’re playing and the tours that we’re doing, and we’re just gonna keep moving forward. So that conversation doesn’t even enter my brain, to be honest.”

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