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Trent Reznor Told Fans He Had “Tears in My F*cking Eyes” Watching the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show

This past weekend was a time of reflection for a lot of reasons, but one special event held the spotlight for an entire day this past Saturday, as the Taylor Hawkins tribute show dominated the music world. One person who certainly got hit in the feels over the massive outpouring of love for Hawkins was Nine Inch Nails frontman and film composer Trent Reznor.

While playing a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado, Reznor took time during Nine Inch Nails’ set to reflect on the proceedings and how it affected him emotionally.

“I thought, ‘I’ll tune in, I knew Taylor. He was a really sweet guy.’ I know a lot of friends were playing, I started watching it, and three hours later I’m still watching. And I’ve got tears in my fucking eyes.

“It got me thinking. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out, ’cause it’s really well done. It’s very touching and sincere. And it got me thinking about, you know, in my life these days I try to be mindful of what’s happening right now and appreciating what’s happening right now instead of worrying about tomorrow.”

Reznor later laughed and said he realizes that he sounded “like an old person saying this shit” before getting personal with his audience.

“I am grateful to be sharing this moment with you guys. It really is a privilege and I’m going to remember this. This is one of those good memories, so thank you. Thanks for coming.”

You can catch his entire comments in the video embedded below.

Nine Inch Nails are currently on the road for a small eight-date tour through the U.S.’ midwest and west coast. The dates include special appearances at various music festivals, including Riot Fest and Louder Than life. Only the music festival dates aren’t sold out, so unless you’re going to buy tickets from a third-party seller, you’re outta luck. Regardless, here’s the list of dates:

09/07/2022 – EDGEFIELD – Troutdale, OR – SUPPORT ACT: YVES TUMOR
09/09/2022 – Hayden Homes Amphitheatre – BEND, OR – SUPPORT ACT: YVES TUMOR
09/11/2022 – Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA SUPPORT ACT: YVES TUMOR
09/13/2022 – Santa Barbara Bowl – SUPPORT ACT: YVES TUMOR
09/15/2022 – Zappos Theater – LAS VEGAS, NV – SUPPORT ACT: YVES TUMOR 09/17/2022 – PRIMAVERA SOUND LA
09/18/2022 – RIOT FEST
09/22/2022 – Louder Than Life
11/13/2022 – Joe Walsh & Friends Present VetsAid 2022 – SUPPORT ACT: James Gang & The Black Keys & The Breeders

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