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Abrams’ Latest Single “Better Living” is a Sludgy Track that Manages at Times to Soar

AbramsRD-A by KimDenver

Denver-based sludge/post-metal outfit Abrams have returned today to release a single and music video off their latest studio release, In The Dark, titled “Better Living.” Known for their groovy, punchy, and raw jams that have the kind of hooks that dug deep into you, this latest single is sure to get stuck in your head as it would easily fit in with the likes of Mastodon, Torche, and Baroness without any question.

Back on September 9, when Abrams’ In The Dark was released via Small Stone Recordings, we ran a track-by-track breakdown written by guitarist and vocalist Zachary Amster. At the time, he described “Better Living” as one of his favorite tracks on the record because of its “epic bass line and guitar leads throughout the hooky vocal melody.”

“Most of my lyrics are pretty ambiguous and open to interpretation. A lot of the time it’s hard for me to decipher what I am going through when writing. “Better Living” is more of the opposite. It’s right on the nose, for me at least.

“Generally, it’s about getting too comfortable with certain routines — and not particularly healthy ones. Knowing full well in the back of your mind that it’s time to pack it all up, but routine is comfortable and change is terrifying. Maybe it’s not as open to interpretation as I initially thought!”

After revisiting the album and this song in particular, I totally agree with Amster. “Better Living” is a great track and real standout on the album. There are parts this song that really give me a Queens of the Stone Age Rated R vibe from both the guitar tone and how front facing the rhythm section feels in the mix.

As for the video, the band said they had a specific vision in mind and its director Jake Mulhern was able to take what the band envisioned and ran with it.

Our buddy Jake Mulhern nailed the trippy throwback visuals, pairing them perfectly with the huge anthemic vibe of the song. A track that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and create an urge to sing along. We are so thrilled to play it live on our upcoming tour with our good friends In The Company Of Serpents. See you out there!”

So go ahead and take a gander at the video and put on your best pair of headphones. “Better Living” and Abrams as a whole deserve the special treatment.

If you’re in the American west, you should also try to head out to one of the five shows Abrams currently has planned with In The Company of Serpents. The dates are as follows:

ABRAMS + In The Company Of Serpents

11/2 – Albuquerque, NM @ The Launchpad
11/3 – Phoenix, AZ @ Palo Verde Lounge w/ Goya
11/4 – San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick w/ Pire and Nebula Drag
11/5 – Los Angeles, CA The Redwood w/ Nebula
11/11 – Denver, CO @ The Gothic w/ King Buffalo*


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