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Cynic Release Instrumental Version of Ascension Codesd


It’s exciting enough when a band releases a special version of a song, but a whole album is absolutely batshit awesome. Earlier this week, Cynic announced that they’ll be releasing an instrumental version of their 2021 album Ascension Codes.

The record was released just in time for Bandcamp Friday.

Cynic are a band that are still standing despite terrible tragedy, and the year 2020 hit them harder than most. The group have had to deal with the premature deaths of drummer Sean Reinert in January 2020, at age 48, and bassist Sean Malone in December 2020, at age 50.

Both of these deaths happening in the same year nearly broke surviving member Paul Masvidal. “I wanted to make this record right after Kindly Bent to Free Us,” says Masvidal. “I was raring to go, hyper-creative, in this total flow state. And then it all imploded.”

However, despite that, the band were able to rally, reform, and release a strong offering, Ascension Codes, in 2021. This new album further celebrates that legacy.

Check out the original album here:

And order or stream the new, instrumental version here.

01. Mu-54*
02. The Winged Ones
03. A’-va432
04. Elements and their Inhabitants
05. Ha-144
06. Mythical Serpents
07. Sha48*8. 6th Dimensional Archetype
09. DNA Activation Template
10. Shar-216
11. Architects of Consciousness
12. DA’z-a86.4
13. Aurora
14. DU-*61.714285…
15. In a Multiverse Where Atoms Sing
16. A’jha108
17. Diamond Light Body
18. Ec-ka72

Recording Lineup:
Paul Masvidal – Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Dave Mackay – Bass Synthesizer, Keyboards
Matt Lynch – Drumscapes

Guest Musicians:
Guitar Codes ^ Artifacts: Dark
Voice Code Activations: Anrita Melchizedek
Reptilian Collective: Max Phelps
TWO Soloscape: Plini
Crystal Bowl Attunements: Michael Devin
Light Language Teachers: Amy Correia ^ Joshua Leon
DLB MetaTerrestrial: Ezekial Kaplan

Cover Art:
The Landing ^ Triptych ^ Martina Hoffmann

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