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Godsmack Singer Sully Erna Teases New Album: “This Could Very Well Be the Last Body of Music that You Hear from the Band “


In a new video posted to Instagram, Godsmack singer Sully Erna explained his long absence from social media. In short, he says he felt like everyone on social media had become on the coronavirus, which is funny because he has been caught peddling COVID conspiracy theories multiple times. He said, as transcribed via Blabbermouth:

“Okay, so I’m back after a very long break from social media. Actually, I think it’s been well over a year and a half since I posted. And I wanted the first video to be an explanation, although I’m not gonna go too far down this rabbit hole on why I’ve been gone. But I felt obligated to give you somewhat of an explanation on why I chose to dip out for a while. And it’s mainly because after the world tipped itself upside down a few years ago, and I started noticing every normal person had a professional political view and every celebrity, all of a sudden, was a medical expert in COVID, which I think is so wrong, because they’re scaring people one way or the other. I chose to take the position of, I’m an entertainer; I get paid to entertain, therefore that’s what I’m gonna focus my efforts on to create as much great music and videos and content for you people as I can.”

Erna says he wants to create as much great music as possible, yet says in his next breath that Godsmack’s upcoming record, title TBD, could be the band’s last in favor of doing greatest hits-style touring.

“So we’ll start with we have a new single out. It’s called ‘Surrender’,” he continued. “And if you haven’t heard it yet, you can get it on whatever your favorite music platform is. And we also are very excited to share with you that we have a new record coming out. And I’m not gonna tell you what the title of it is yet. And I’m not gonna tell you when it’s coming out. What I will tell you is in the 30 years I’ve been with this band, I don’t think once have I ever said in an interview or to a friend that this new music is the best work we’ve ever done. I know a lot of artists say that every record they put out: ‘This is the best we’ve ever done.’ I’m just gonna tell you that this is the best fucking work we’ve ever done. I mean, it is packed with great melodies, really big hooks.

“And what I love about it the most is it tells the story of our journey and our career. So it’s been a really emotional record for us, because we really believe that this could be the last body of work that you hear from Godsmack. That doesn’t mean that I’m saying we’re breaking up. I don’t wanna put that false illusion in anyone’s head. We are here. We are getting along better than ever. We plan on continuing to tour, continuing to build the greatest-hits show, which we’re really excited about, and just start enjoying our lives after all the hard work we’ve put in. But this could very well be the last body of music that you hear from the band. So we encourage you to go out and get this record when it comes out and listen to it from to back because it really is great. And it gave us closure. And because of that is why I feel that this could be the last of the music.”

We’ll keep you posted on any more important Godsmack updates.

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