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Prong Are Finishing Their New Album, Will Release a Single in January


Industrial/groove stalwarts Prong are getting ready to release a new album, according to frontman Tommy Victor. In a new interview with Heavy New York while at Aftershock Festival, Victor said that the new album is almost done and we can expect the first digital single to come soon.

“I can tell you the single will be out, the digital single, in January. ‘Cause the record is almost done. So for our European tour with Life of Agony in January, the single will be out. And the record [will be out in], I guess, April or something. It depends on when the pressing plant can do it. It’s on Steamhammer/SPV again, the same label. All the basic tracks are done. I’ve just gotta do vocals and solos now.”

Victor also spoke to Heavy New York about the fact that the band’s yet-untitled LP is the first he’s recorded since moving back to Amityville, NY, which he says is conceptually significant because it relates to the band’s early days.

“This one is special because it’s the first record I’ve written since I moved back to New York, [to] Amityville. So that concept is there, where it’s, like, you know what? This is where the early Prong stuff was written. I wrote it in my apartment in Amityville, and it’s killer. So that’s the concept, is that it’s written back where I’m from. It’s very hardcore, it’s really heavy, but Prong has to have the hooks, so it’s still in there too. There’s a lot of good choruses and understandable lyrics.”

Prong’s last release was the Age of Defiance EP in 2019, which followed 2017’s Zero Days full-length. The new album was produced by Steve Evetts, who handled previous Prong releases Carved Into Stone and Ruining Lives. We’ll keep you posted on progress for the new album and let you know when the first single drops.

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