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TEETH Sink Their Teeth into Nuclear Blast


There’s been a trend of late that sees Nuclear Blast getting back to their basics when it comes to bands they work with, and they’re proving that pattern once again with the recent signing of TEETH, a Canadian band with deep heavy metal and hardcore roots.

According to a press release, TEETH are “highly influenced by discomfort”—aren’t we all these days—and they’re back with a new EP titled 575, which will be available on a special clear cassette on October 28.

Hailing from a part of the world that more often sees melodic metal offerings, TEETH don’t let that influence get into their DNA too much. Instead, they touch on that special nerve reserved for bands like Pig Destroyer and Portrayal of Guilt, tapping into a raw vein of hardcore-drenched metal without being afraid to indulge in an experiment every once in a while.

Also according to Nuclear Blast, the label appreciates that the band has artistic integrity, another sentiment with which I definitely agree—They are committed to their sound but do a good job of keeping it fresh.

Of the signing, TEETH vocalist Blake Prince says:

“We are extremely thrilled to finally announce that we’ve signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. This has been something we’ve had to keep close to our chest throughout the pandemic, and we’re eager to get to work. To be a part of this legendary roster is an honor and a perfect home for TEETH. Ideally, your label is a partner. Human beings with a strong passion for growing artistic culture and individuality, who believe in you and are working hard to help facilitate our vision. We feel confident that the cooperation with Nuclear Blast will help bring this band to the next level.”

The band expands on this a bit:

“TEETH has always been—and always will be—a passion project for us. A visceral creative outlet not to be marred by outside influence or external pressure to achieve anything but creating music that we enjoy. We promised ourselves that if the opportunity to work with a label ever arose, they’d have to share our artistic vision, and ultimately want to help TEETH connect with everyone who’d listen.

“When we began talking to Nuclear Blast at the beginning of the pandemic, it became immediately apparent they checked those boxes. Growing up listening to bands like Hatebreed, Ministry, and Slayer and eventually discovering artists like Nails, it felt like Nuclear Blast understood everything TEETH stands for, and aspires to be.

“So, with that said, we’re excited to finally announce that we are now part of the Nuclear Blast family. We’re just getting started.”

TEETH, 575

  1. Destroyer 
  2. Filth 
  3. Smother
  4. Deathrace

You can listen to and preorder your copy of 575 today via Nuclear Blast.

TEETH Sink Their Teeth into Nuclear Blast

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