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Chris Jericho Discusses Role in Terrifier 2, Grossest Kills and What Almost Made Him Puke on Set


There’s no bloodier horror movie on the menu this year than Terrifier 2. The extreme slasher starts Art the Clown, a resurrected clown serial killer who delights in torturing and killing his victims in some pretty creative and fucked-up ways. Made on a very low budget of $250,000, Terrifier 2 features some of the grossest practical effects you’ve seen on the big or small screen.

Metal and pro wrestling fans had an extra treat with a cameo from Chris Jericho. In a new interview with Screen Rant, the Fozzy frontman said that he was just a huge fan of the original Terrifier, which led him to connecting with writer and director Damien Leone, which led to a part in the movie, which you can watch below. The Painmaker’s scene is very, very tame compared to literally anything else in Terrifier 2, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to puke while filming it:

“In the film, I have to eat like, a zombie platter. It’s Halloween, so my wife has made all these zombie treats. And one of them was a jellied eyeball. And I think it was kind of custard with some kind of almost the plastic candy, and I had to eat like five of them. And they were cold, and they were gelatinous. And it was really kind of getting to me. It was really gross. And I remember [Damien] was like, ‘Can you just eat one more?’ And I was like, ‘Dude, I’ll eat one more, and then that’s it! Because I’m gonna fucking puke if I have to do another one of these.'”

As far as other puke-worthy scenes? One immediately came to Jericho’s mind and I have to agree—my jaw was on the floor the entire time.

“Well, I mean, obviously, there’s the famous one from the original Terrifier with the hacksaw. How do you beat that? Well, he beat that in a couple of them. But one for sure, of course, is the skinning scene, shall we say. And I remember when I read the script, just the fact of this poor girl… not to spoil anything, but you know what happens. It’s so vicious and violent! And then [Art] even pulls out bleach and salt. That one was really bad!”

You can check out the scene in which Jericho appears below, no blood or guts involved. If you want to test your stomach, Terrifier 2 is on Screambox.

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