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I Must Be Trippin’ Balls Because This Jerry Cantrell Video is So Effin’ Weird


Okay, you assholes. Who dosed my afternoon whiskey with high grade psychedelics?! I’m still on the clock and I was going to write about the new Jerry Cantrell music video for “Prism of Doubt,” but what I just watched has to be the result of an acid flashback or I’ve been sabotaged.

Jerry Cantrell’s Brighten came out last year and it’s easily one of my favorite releases from 2021. It’s a departure from his previous, more dark and melancholy solo efforts, but damn it if it wasn’t a phenomenal piece of art from front to back. When it comes to music videos for the album, I’d expect something like the video we got for “Brighten” or “Siren Song.” Those make sense.

This rejected episode of Kablam! is just wild. There’s an impending apocalypse, melted Barbie dolls standing in as zombies, and a simulated alien orgy that would make perfect sense on a Team America sequel. Yep, even typing that out I feel like I’ve lost grip with reality.

You can check out the video below and see for yourself. If you can, drop me a line and let me know what the video’s actually about. If this is a trip, I’ve got at least 10 hours left to go.

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